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 Vision & Values 

Our vision is for all women, children and whānau in the Hutt Valley to live free from family violence. Our values guide how we get there.


Our Values


We believe that being part of a community is important. Supporting each other with strong families, neighbourhoods and Iwi is central to our Refuge.


Creating better, healthier family relationships is a key part of what we do. This may mean helping keep families together, creating strong new whānau or teaching skills for strengthening relationships between parents and children alike.


Everyone wants to be ‘seen’. Neither perpetrators nor victims benefit from judgement and we know that believing in people builds mana. One of our mantras is ‘no judgement’.


This is core to everything we do. We know that we are dealing with sensitive subject matter and aim to build absolute trust with our clients.


We believe in giving people autonomy and self-determination to ultimately find their own solutions. When people believe in what they are doing they feel in control. We don’t tell you what to do.

Real Strength

We believe real strength is about admitting to problems and weaknesses, asking for help, trying to change negative behaviours and learning new skills to move forward. We aim to help people who engage with us feel stronger.

Hopeful, positive futures

All parents want their kids to succeed. Families want children to do better, to do well at school and have opportunities. We are positive about how we can help break harmful cycles and allow families to move forward for a brighter future.

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