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 Stronger families 

Stronger families at Hutt Valley Women's Refuge centres around how you define your family and what strength means to you. These tools can help you identify violent versus non-violent relationships. 


Recognising Family Violence

Developed by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project of Duluth, Minnesota, the Power & Control wheel describes the many types of abuse suffered by victims of family violence. Rarely will a victim of family violence experience a sole form of abuse. It is more common that an abuser will deploy various abusive tactics in order to exert control over their victims. The Power and Control wheel highlights such common tactics.


Non-Violent Relationships

The Equality Wheel indicates what the qualities of a healthy relationship look like.  It was developed by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project of Duluth, Minnesota in order to help abusers move from being abusive to non-violent partner.

Equality wheel.png
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