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 What to expect 

About Us

When you work with the team at Hutt Valley Women's Refuge you can expect a safe, confidential and welcoming environment with a team of specialists who will support your decisions and empower you.

Each experience will be different, and you will always be supported and respected.  

It can get better.

Frequently asked questions

The steps

How much will the appointment cost?

Your appointment is completely free, there is no cost to you. 

Will my details be kept confidential?

Everything we do is 100% confidential.
We adhere to The Privacy Act 2020.​

Can I still use your services if I want to stay with my partner?
Yes, we will support your goals whatever they might be, our main priority is your safety. 

Do you work with men?

At Hutt Valley Women's Refuge our focus is the safety of women and children. We are able to refer you to advocates that work with men.

Can you help me with a protection order?

We can assist in referring you to a family violence lawyer for a Protection Order. Ultimately, the assessment and outcome is determined by your family violence lawyer and the legal system.

Do you run programmes?

Yes, we run programmes for women and children

Do you offer services across the Hutt Valley?

Yes, our specialists work in all areas of the Hutt Valley.

Got another question? ​

Contact us directly to ask.

1. Make

Contact us, via phone or email. Schedule a session with our family violence specialists. If you require immediate support, please call the Crisis Line. 

2. Your first

Your first appointment will be approximately 90 minutes. Your specialist will get to know you, help you make a plan and get you access to tools and services you require. 

3. Through
the process

Your specialist will assist you to make and attend the relevant appointments, ensure you have the necessary skills and help you advocate for yourself.

4. Ongoing

We provide continuing support for you and your whānau. 

You will always be welcomed back if in need.

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