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How we help children & teens


If there's violence in your house, your children are affected.

Family violence is never your fault, but it’s important to remember that all children will process trauma and show it in different ways. Our goal is to give children and teens the space and tools they need to process these events in a healthy way.

As many children are advised not to talk about the violence going on at home, children are not pressured to discuss it. Instead, we ask children to draw examples from school or TV, so they can learn and process their experiences without feeling triggered or retraumatised.

Our Safety Programme comes as Individual, Group, or Sibling Sessions, depending on the needs of
the children and their families. All of our programmes follow an approved set of topics and are client-led.

All of our children and teen services are self-referral. No documentation or external referrals are
needed. Call or submit a form to start the process.


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