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 Support for women 

First and foremost, we are here for women and children.
Our team of family violence specialists can provide immediate crisis support and long-term tailored support to guide you and your whānau. 

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Any kind of family violence is not ok.

Family violence is never acceptable, even if you have seen it before or think it might be normal.  It may look different in every situation and it does not always present as physical.

Mind games and gaslighting are particularly subtle, hard to spot and hard to escape and recover from. We can help you identify this and move forward. Our services and support are available to anybody experiencing any kind of family violence.

​Our family violence specialists 

Our team of experienced specialists have a deep understanding of family violence. Our services are tailored to suit client outcomes with a vision of growing stronger families. We offer these through:

  • A Safe House for victims of family violence in immediate need of refuge 

  • 24-hour free and confidential Crisis Line

  • Programmes to help recognise an abusive vs healthy relationships

  • Safety programmes for women and children

  • Access to in-home police monitored alarms 

Our team of specialists have a diverse range of skills; our team includes social workers, child specialists, counsellors,  psychotherapists and many have experience working in prisons and courts.

We provide advice and practical help to support the changes you need to move forward. 

We can support you with the following:

  • Assistance in liaising with the Police and Courts

  • Assistance applying for Family Violence Leave (10 days leave from work entitlement)

  • Support with accessing benefits through WINZ

  • Referrals to professional budgeting advisors

  • Referral to a Family Violence Lawyer 

  • Information around accessing a Protection Order, which could include a Parenting Order

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Explore other services available to you

Lean on our community 

Kokiri Marae
Māori Women's Refuge 

04 566 5025 / 0800 733843

Provides Māori services for Wahine Māori and Tamariki Māori and wrap-around services as part of the Whānau Ora collective. 


  • Whakaoho Wairua

  • Mana Tamariki Holiday Programmes 

  • 24-hour Crisis Line

  • Safe House

  • Advocacy and social support

  • Whānau protection 

Nau mai, haere mai. 

Shakti Community Council Inc.

Crisis 0800742584

Office (04) 499 8603


Shakti Community Council is a non-profit organisation serving migrant and refugee women of Asian, African and Middle Eastern origin.

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