Individualised support

Any kind of family violence is not ok. It may look different in every situation but it doesn't need to be physical. It can include mind games (emotional abuse), financial, physical or sexual violence.  

Our team of family violence specialists can provide immediate crisis support and long term tailored support to guide you and your whānau.

Find out more about all the different ways we help you and your partner.

Any kind of family violence is not ok. It is never acceptable, even if you have seen it before or think it might be normal.  

We understand that no one person or situation is the same. Our expert family violence specialists will work with you one-on-one to create a tailored plan and guide you through the process. 

Part of your tailored safety plan will include support to help you navigate the various warp-around services and agencies available to you. 


These include:

  • Protection Orders

  • Parenting and legal

  • Liaison with Police and the Courts

  • Victim support

  • Domestic Violence leave

  • Support with WINZ

  • Budgeting

  • Legal Aid.

Mind games are not okay

Mind games are particularly subtle, hard to spot and hard to escape and recover from. We can help you identify it and move forward. Our  services and support are available to anybody experiencing mind games or financial control 

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Lean on our community


Kokiri Marae Māori Women's Refuge 

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Supporting violence free whānau, hapū me iwi.


Nau mai, haere mai. 

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Shakti Community Council Inc., formerly known as the Shakti Migrant Services Trust has its origins in The Shakti Asian Women’s Support Group founded by Farida Sultana and 7 other ethnic women in Auckland in 1995.  The support group was set up by ethnic women for ethnic women to overcome the barriers that come with migration and the intergenerational bonds of cultural oppression.


Besides enrolling themselves in Life Skills programmes and learning to become self-reliant, these women sought to challenge the cultural acceptance of Domestic Violence within their communities, promote greater gender equity and bring about social change.

Want to work together as a couple?

We're piloting a new couples program, join the waitlist here.


The pre-requisite for a man’s change is accepting there is a problem and a willingness to allow others to help. 


Man Kind can put tools into the hands of men, but they are responsible for picking up those tools and using them.


Our Goal can only be encouragement and empowerment in a journey towards self and whānau well-being.

For more information email or call 022 365 9394.