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Our Children's Safety Programme is a Ministry of Justice approved programme for children aged 3 - 18 years who have witnessed or experienced family violence.  It progresses over a period of ten weekly sessions in a warm, supportive, and creative environment.

The groups are led by qualified family violence specialists who have an and in-depth understanding of the impacts of violence and abuse on women and children.

We focus on establishing outcomes that are centred around each child and their unique world. These include:

  • Developing a safety plan for your child, with your child and/or their siblings and whānau

  • Identifying and creating their community of 'safe people'

  • Educating your child on what abuse and violence is

  • Helping your child identify and manage their feelings and worries

  • Teaching your child about anger - what it is and how best to express it

  • Growing confidence to give your child a voice

  • Understanding your child's hopes and dreams around living and staying in a safe home.


Following programme completion, individual review and family/whānau meetings are optional along with an opportunity to review changes in family structures and behaviour.

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